HE sound of the imzad, in the land of the Touareg, surrounds body and soul in a sort of infinite space.  This sound, echoing down through the ages, transports us beyond reality.


Son d'imzad n° 3

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Son d'imzad n°1

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Son d'imzad n° 2

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Son d'imzad n°1

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Son d'imzad n° 2

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Son d'imzad n° 3

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As regards the repertoire of imzad music, 112 tunes called “izlene” in Tamahaq were catalogued during the 1970s.

Until further studies and research increases our knowledge of these tunes, we can at present list the following:


Amghar n izlène the tune which launches and which ends an Ahal evening, whether a family event or another occasion
Tihadaouine a fragment from the women of a tribe of the Kel Ajjer
Sember a tune on the theme of courage
H'dama a tune played by the haggaria [Ahaggar people?] for a man leaving on his camel
El Bourda….  

Then come the tunes which can be accompanied by dancing and hand-clapping:

Douhinaya Alliboye’élliba
Daouatani Mayatraba
Kadammani Tikal tin t’mougueyd
Adaya n douhna Tikal tin tamat nahaggar…

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