Imzad sur paysage du Hoggar

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t should be noted that in the past one in two women knew how to play the imzad, however now only nine women said they had mastered this art. This figure was revealed when a survey to register all the imzad players was launched throught the entire population of the Hoggar and the Tassili of Ajjar. The probability of finding any more players is remote.

This desperate situation has taken on a humanitarian dimension which in fact is likely to lead to the disappearance of a universal cultural heritage. Thanks to the persistence of these women the Tuareg culture has continued to exist..For certain, this project was put into effect to revive and prolong the longevity of this culture which was handed down by women. However, this project implicitly promotes the value of the woman within her ethnic group, as well as her culture, by giving her back her real role.