Imzad sur fond de dunes

At the beginning...


rominent and rich in history, Tamanrasset is home to “Save the Imzad,” an association whose main purpose is to contribute to the safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage of the Hoggar by campaigning for the preservation of the Imzad. This ancient monochord instrument, privileged for its authenticity as a form of cultural and personal expression has become the catalyst to inspire awareness and development of the local biodiversity.

Gaining considerable support from the Hoggar, “Save the Imzad” intends to achieve all the above objectives as a non-profit organization, not supported by public contributions.

The association was established with the goodwill of numerous artists and local personalities of the region such as the spiritual leader of the Tuareg of Hoggar, the Amenokhal Hadj Moussa akhamok.

The promotion of the authentic and sustainable development of this ancestral art relies upon the education and diligent use of modern tools of communication. This approach is instrumental to the success of “Save the Imzad’s” ambitious initiatives.