Amenokal Hadj moussa Akhamok


Chief of Tribes of Tagmart


Zounga Mokhtar


Hmida, Dir. of the Cultural Centre in Tamanrasset






Those who helped us to organise the international Colloquium...T

HE “Save the Imzad” Association is grateful to the local authorities of Tamanrasset for helping with the organisation of this event by the provision of transport, and to the local travel agencies who made available some of their vehicles.

- To our late patriarch, the Amenokhal Hadj Moussa Akhamok.  We all thank him for sponsoring this meeting and relaunching the defence of a legendary heritage which is his inheritance.  He understood how to pass on this legacy while ensuring we are all aware of our responsibility for preserving and developing the imzad.
After the colloquium, he passed away… but he will have been aware that he had to some extent fulfilled his mission among men and in particular within his community.

- To the chieftains of the tribes throughout the Hoggar, who joined in supporting us;  in particular, Mr Khermeche, who was good enough to receive the conference participants at Tagmart and at Abalessa and who showed the legendary hospitality of the people of the desert and especially that of the Kel Ahaggar people.

- Thanks to Mr Mokhtar Zounga for his generous hospitality in his splendid garden at Outoul, and for the great reception that he offered to all the participants;  and thanks also to Mr Kherrazi for ensuring the coordination of all the logistical arrangements.

- Thanks to Mr H’mida, the Director of the Cultural Centre in Tamanrasset, and fervent defender of our heritage:  the conference sessions took place very smoothly, the speakers and participants were very impressed by the quality of the facilities provided in the conference hall of the Cultural Centre in Tamanrasset, which was enhanced by the impressive decorations put up to welcome all those attending the meeting.

- Thanks to Mr Hadj Slimane Chérif, Director-General of the Tahat Hotel, who warmly welcomed all the guests and responded to all their requirements.

- Thanks to all those, officials and members of the public, who took part in any way in the organisation of this event, which was strongly endorsed by the residents of the Hoggar region and which was a significant moment for them and for their neighbours from Niger and Mali.

• This event could not possibly have happened without the involvement of:

  • the government departments concerned (Ministries of Culture, of Professional Training, and of National Solidarity);

  • Our sponsors:

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Naftal ONDA Fondation Jutta Vogel EPB

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- Thanks also to all the volunteers who gave up their time to engage in the organisation and management of this international event, which will be inscribed in the historical records of the Hoggar and of Algeria.

(We apologise to anyone whom we might have failed to mention – please advise us of any omissions).