Réunion de travail à l'école d'imzad

Farida Sellal chez Biyat

La présidente de l'Association donnant des conseils aux élèves de l'école d'Imzad


We must take action


OME simple actions can contribute to the preservation of this ancient inheritance and can help people a little in their efforts to get out of poverty:


  1. Reinforce the Association which has already established a framework and training-resources (40 young girls out of 132 registered at Tamanrasset have already completed training courses and received their diplomas).
  2. Support the local authorities of Tamanrasset and Illizi and the organisations which are working towards the same goals.
  3. Encourage the research organisations tasked with developing and promoting the national cultural heritage under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture.
  4. Collect international and national donations and funding to ensure the continuing operation of the school.
  5.  Organise scientific and cultural events which encourage partnership and lasting development for the benefit of the local population.